Wednesday, 14 October 2009

7 Legitimate Reasons Not to Begin a Fitness Routine


Fitness Daddy here from Fitness Equipment Box. Hope you're doing great on this wonderful day.

I have one question for you today.

What's Stopping You From Having a Daily Fitness Routine?

Now Before you answer, I thought of the best 7 I've heard over the years (even some I'm sad to say I've used in the past). I'm going to crush each reason like stubborn tomato playing in a bathtub full of angry and hungry elephants.

Here goes!

Reason 1 - I don't have time

Give me a break and throw me a freaking bone while you're at it! But you do have time for one more go on your Nintendo Wii. And you have the time to spend watching the YouTube video of the 3-legged cat sliding down the electrocuted barbed wire fence. And you have the time for a date with Jay Leno almost every night.
Well, if you can find the time for Jay, then you can definitely create sometime for your body.

Reason 2 - I don't have Fitness Equipment

Ever heard of a gym?

Reason 3 - I don't have the money for Gym membership

Ever heard of putting on your trainers and running down your block. 5 sets of push-ups won't hurt either

Reason 4 - Need a Fitness Instructor

No you need a dose of Jim Rohn to waken you to your true potential. And anything Uncle Jim cant make you do or discover for yourself, a Fitness Instructor sure ain't gonna either

Reason 5 - I'm too Fat

Duh ! That's why you need to start the journey towards regaining your 6-pack or model body like yesterday. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Every 5 minute session and neglected chocolate bar counts.

Reason 6 - I'm Happy with the way I Look

Then you better get a fitness program going to maintain what you got

Reason 7 - I'll leave that to you. Post your most legitimate excuse and squash it like that stubborn tomato

Your Fitness is Serious Business!

Have an outstanding day
Fitness Daddy

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  1. Tell em Fitness Daddy. My best excuse would be the Gyms round my way werent spohisticated enough :-( sounds dumb huh?